Elsewhere: Spitzer Secures His Homeland


Eliot Spitzer got himself a new Homeland Security czar. He’s Republican Michael Balboni. Above, that’s Steve Balboni, a fine baseball player. They’re probably not related.

Balboni’s appointment opens up a State Senate seat in a competitive Long Island district, pushes Dems closer to total control of Albany.

This is not the news Joe Bruno wanted to hear this Christmas.

Gawker names Peter Vallone Jr. its “Killjoy of the Year.”

Once again, Joe Biden announces that he’s running for president. He’s also written a new autobiography entitled The Audacity of Hope.

Here’s a handy guide to who’s announcing when.

Eminent law professor suggests that Rudy Giuliani run as an independent, with Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

Why do they call this Boxing Day, anyway? Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with physical violence.

Federal agencies are moving to Virginia, outside the nuclear blast zone.

The Washington Times is as dysfunctional as you imagine.

James Brown: a fine entertainer.

If you’ve never read this profile of Brown, you really should.

Andrew Rice

Elsewhere: Spitzer Secures His Homeland