Elsewhere: The End of 2006


Al D’Amato may not have the clout he used to.

The American Spectator wonders if John Edwards’ game plan for using a win in Iowa to trigger campaign donations will work.

Andrew Cuomo hired Frank Hoare to work in the attorney general’s office.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the front-runners in New Hampshire.

Time magazine thinks John Edwards is “more liberal, more experienced – and more unorthodox” than he was during first presidential bid.

Barack Obama is still vacationing in Hawaii, where he’s deciding what to do about 2008.

In newly discovered 9/11 debris found near Ground Zero, workers found “a variety of items like computer parts, office carpet, electrical wires and steel from the building.”

The WSJ prepares for complaints about their makeover.

A typo sent a German tourist 13,000 kilometers off course.

And pictured above is an over-the-shoulder view of an artist painting the scene around the corner from City Hall this morning.

Happy New Year!

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: The End of 2006