Elsewhere: The Jog on Day 1


Hillary lays claim to some anti-terrorism pork.

John McCain may have a campaign manager and press person in place for his presidential run.

Mitt Romney has hired some Jeb Bush allies.

RunObama.com is looking for signatures.

Eliot Spitzer said (jokingly, I hope) that his inauguration speech may be 45 minutes long.

To Spitzer’s chagrin, George Pataki keeps filling vacancies.

Before his inauguration, Spitzer is going out for a 6 a.m. jog in Albany. Reporters are invited.

State Senator Tom Duane is podcasting. First topic: the waste transfer station slated to open in his district.

State Senator Liz Krueger argues for breast-feeding rights.

Larry Littlefield explains health insurance problems by describing a bump on his head.

And above is Peter Vallone Sr., who moderated a forum this morning about the media and blogs.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: The Jog on Day 1