Elsewhere: The Pataki Tour


George Pataki will tour the capitol because, astonishingly, he hasn’t seen enough of the place yet.

When Pataki leaves, some transportation upgrades won’t be finished.

Ben challenges an aspect of today’s Times story on Basil and David Paterson.

A lot of tourists have come to New York.

The lawyer monitoring the Independence Party’s reorganization in Westchester will cost the IP $350 per hour.

Mystery Pollster looks at President Ford’s approval ratings.

Amy Taylor on DMIblog wonders, purposefully, if workplace raids “are part of a larger conservative agenda aimed at creating a climate of fear to undermine union organizing efforts.”

Greg Sargent sticks stubbornly to the notion that the war in Iraq doesn’t help President Bush.

The Economist measures your happiness.

And pictured above is Mike Bloomberg with a very small bridge.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: The Pataki Tour