Former Rush & Molloy Intern to Edit Jossip

Debbie Newman, most recently an intern for the Daily News’ Rush & Malloy gossip column and freelancer at Life & Style, will be the next editor of

Since late September, when former Jossip editor Corynne Steindler left the media and celebrity gossip site for the New York Post‘s Page Six column, Jossip publisher David Hauslaib has been doing the daily blogging duties. Now, Newman will take over on Dec. 27.

Newman, a 24-year-old Columbia Universtiy graduate, said that she spoke to Hauslaib about the job after bumping into him at a Reuters-sponsored panel.

“She’s really coming to the table with much more than you’d assume from the average intern at a gossip column,” said Hauslaib. “She really understands the media business and the industry.”

Newman has also been a research assistant to gossip-publishing saboteurix Kitty Kelley. This will be her first foray into blogging.

Newman said that blogging daily seemed “ambitious,” but “not too overwhelming.”

“I wish I was a little tech-savvier,” she said, “but I can learn as I go on.”

Michael Calderone

Former Rush & Molloy Intern to Edit Jossip