Gender Gap

In a new Gallup poll asking people what male and female public figures they admire most, the top finishers were George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton.

Most admired men:

13 percent–George Bush
5 percent–Bill Clinton
4 percent–Jimmy Carter
3 percent–Barack Obama
3 percent–Billy Graham
2 percent–Colin Powell
2 percent–Pope Benedict XVI
1 percent–Nelson Mandela, George H.W. Bush and Bill Gates

A little lower on the list was John McCain, who edged out George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Al Gore, Tony Blair and Rudy Giuliani…in that order.

Most admired women:

13 percent–Hillary Clinton
9 percent–Oprah Winfrey
8 percent–Condoleezza Rice
4 percent–Laura Bush
2 percent–Margaret Thatcher
2 percent–Angelina Jolie
1 percent–Nancy Pelosi and Madeleine Albright, Barbara Bush and Maya Angelou

— Azi Paybarah Gender Gap