Here Comes the Bored!

LAURIE: There has been a wedding planning work stoppage in effect for the past few weeks, born of laziness and Thanksgiving and all of the exquisite television programming that demands our attention.

Here is what we have done so far:

-Venue secured
-Photographer hired
-Caterer hired
-(School) buses rented to transport guests to and from wedding
-Dress purchased (me)
-Guest list determined, more or less
-Hotel rooms set aside
-Pavilion in state park for rehearsal weenie roast secured

We need a DJ, and I need to get up the balls to try on my dress again. We need a place to stay during the wedding weekend, and to investigate the possibility of hiring babysitters for those guests who bring their (very welcome!) children. We need to think about the logistics of the ceremony, and flowers. We need to take a few songs off the “wedding music” list we created one afternoon several months ago. (Specifically, this type of music that seems to have migrated over from another category.)

I have started to dread the question, “What’s up with your wedding?” because the answer for the past several weeks has been, “nothing new.”

Is it possible that I am stressed out about not being stressed out? Here Comes the Bored!