He's Such a Tease!

Following up on my post from yesterday, about the “grassroots” “campaign” to “draft” New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson into the “wide-open” race for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, I received an email at the end of the day yesterday containing the following statement:

“I am very encouraged and gratified by the support of these Nevada leaders for my potential candidacy for President,” stated Governor Bill Richardson. “Support at the grassroots level is the single most important factor for any potential Presidential candidate, because the American people will decide the leader and the direction they want for this country.”

“Right now I am concentrating on preparing for the upcoming 2007 New Mexico State Legislative Session and my responsibilities as Governor of New Mexico. I will be making my decision whether to seek the Presidency in the New Year.”

Come on Bill. Why so coy?

Andrew Rice

He's Such a Tease!