Hevesi's Chances

Check out this teaser New York magazine just sent out about their upcoming story on Alan Hevesi.

“No one is more upset about the Alan Hevesi chauffeur scandal than Alan Hevesi. But just because he spends most nights morosely fixating on his troubles doesn’t mean he’s going to accept whatever punishment his former friend Eliot Spitzer decides to dish out. And he’s got a better chance of keeping his job than most people think.”

Just to review: If Eliot Spitzer asks the state Senate to recall Hevesi, two thirds of the chamber will need to go along with it. So if Joe Bruno supported it, but not Malcolm Smith and the minority Democrats, it wouldn’t be enough votes.

Smith, so far, has said he won’t discuss the issue in detail because he’s like a prospective juror on a trial.

If Hevesi resigned, it would create a vacancy which the state constitution says needs to be filled by both chambers of the legislature. Since the 108 Assembly Democrats are the largest bloc of votes, the decision would be in the hands of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

If Hevesi, Silver and Smith all decided to push back against Spitzer on removing the comptroller, then… what?

— Azi Paybarah Hevesi's Chances