Hikind's Ad


Here’s an ad you might not expect to see from a mere Assembly member. It’s from Dov Hikind in this week’s Jewish Press, calling on Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to step down.

“More than ever, Israel needs strong leadership. Olmert does not have what it takes: integrity, decisiveness, determination, vision, the strength and skill to lead Israel. He has failed and Israel cannot afford to fall with him,” the ad says.

According to the message at the bottom of the ad, it was paid for by a Brooklyn-based non-profit group called Yad Moshe, which lists Hikind as its sole contact and may or may not be related to a similarly named organization that got moneyfrom Hikind’s political action committee.

— Azi Paybarah

CORRECTION: Hikind’s communications director Charni Sochet emailed to say that the money I cited went from the Assemblyman’s campaign committee to the non-profit, not the other way around as I originally noted. Hikind's Ad