In Today's Observer

Jason Horowitz has a story on Hillary Clinton’s Obama-inspired outreach to officials and donors, including Eliot Engel’s description of what she laid out as her winning presidential scenario.

Matthew Schuerman writes about the mayor’s evolved position on corporate welfare.

Niall Stanage reports on the celebrations in some quarters over John Bolton’s demise. There’s some particularly brutal stuff in there from Colin Powell’s chief of staff, who clashed repeatedly with Bolton at the State Department.

Michael Calderone looks at the way that the New York Times has become the beneficiary of a leak bonanza from the Bush administration. And Mike DeBonis provides a glimpse of Johnny Apple’s memorial service yesterday.

Joe Conason applauds Robert Gates for delivering a blunt assessment of the war in Iraq, but predicts that it won’t change anything.

And Steve Kornacki says that Mitt Romney is faking it.

— Josh Benson In Today's Observer