In Today's Observer — Bonus Edition

Jason Horowitz has a story about forgotten presidential candidate John Edwards. The former vice presidential candidate told Horowitz that he is unsurprised at being overshadowed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, but also said that the only question the national press should be asking is, “How are you doing in Iowa and New Hampshire?”

Steve Kornacki writes about the real test of Rudy Giuliani’s seriousness as a presidential candidate (hint: it’s not Michael DuHaime) and examines the political upside to John McCain’s advocacy of a increase of troop levels in Iraq.

Lizzy Ratner spends some time with Bill Samuels – son of Howard – who is sinking the family fortune into the creation of a New Tammany.

Joe Conason thinks that Newt Gingrich’s ideas on combating terrorism are a little crazy.

Tom Scocca says that the Knicks aren’t looking for respect, but pity.

And finally, an announcement:

This week’s Observer is a “double issue,” which means, most significantly, that the staff is taking a week off. (Except for Azi, who is constitutionally incapable of not working.)

We’re therefore turning the Politicker for the next few days over to Andrew Rice, distinguished Observer alumnus, Uganda expert and Philadelphia sports fan. Treat him just as you’d treat us. Or, on second thought, be nice to him.

Happy dark week!

— Josh Benson In Today's Observer — Bonus Edition