Introducing the Substitute

Greetings Politicker readers!

So as Josh Benson wrote, he and the rest of the usual gang are taking the next week off. They’ve left me with the keys to this mean machine. At present, I’m still figuring out how to work the clutch. Please bear with me if I grind the gears a bit.

Luckily, it’s the week before Christmas, so it’s bound to be a nice, easy, indictment-free week. Oh… rats. Oh… RATS!

Who am I? I am a former reporter for the Observer, where I covered real estate development and politics and wrote many prescient articles, such as the August 20, 2001 cover story: “Who’s Hot in the Mayor’s Race? Lonely Peter Vallone!” What have I been doing lately? I am writing a book about a place where politics is a form of warfare, fought between shifting coalitions of religions and tribes, and laden with intrigue and corruption–that is, Uganda. How did I end up doing this job over Christmas? The same way I lost my dad’s Oldsmobile: I bet on the Phillies.

So, let’s have a fun the Yuletide week. If you have anything to tell me, anonymously or otherwise, please just stuff it in my stocking at, or post a comment below. I’ll be waiting with nervous anticipation.

Andrew Rice Introducing the Substitute