James Brady Drops, Damages Names

Forbes and Parade chatter-hound James Brady reports today on his annual leg-humping trip to Hearst boss Cathie Black’s Christmas party. There was “TV’s gorgeous Deborah Norville,” “the tall, striking Atoosa Rubenstein,” “Ken Auletta…that wonderful writer,” “Kate White, blond and lovely”…

And then there was this other guy:

David Hershey, editor of Esquire, informed me he has now been in that job for ten years. Since I had once myself been a Hearst Magazines editor and publisher who lasted only 17 months before being canned, I expressed my admiration for David’s longevity and for his revitalization of the grand old book.

David must have been glad to hear that–whichever David it may have been, or however he might spell it. James Brady Drops, Damages Names