Labor's Love Retained

For what it’s worth–maybe a lot–the New York State AFL-CIO has put out a press release offering strong support to embattled Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. Liz Benjamin, who had it first, notes that Bruno and 1199 boss Dennis Rivera like to go horseback riding together. Didn’t horses get him into this mess?

New York State AFL-CIO Voices Support of Senator Bruno

ALBANY, NY — (12/22/2006; 0930)(EIS) — Denis Hughes, President of the 2 1/2 million member New York State AFL-CIO today issued the following statement:

“Throughout his career in public service, Joe Bruno has served the men and women of this state with great distinction. He has proven himself time and again to be a man of honor and unquestionable integrity.

“The labor movement has no better friend than Senator Bruno. He has consistently fought to protect and enhance the lives and well-being of working people, often at great political risk.

“Senator Bruno’s lengthy and distinguished career speaks volumes to his character. As such, there should be no rush to judgment regarding his ability to lead.

“The New York State AFL-CIO fully supports Senator Bruno’s leadership and looks forward to continuing to work with Senator Bruno, Speaker Silver, all members of the state legislature and Governor-Elect Spitzer in our efforts to further the cause of working men and women across this state.”

UPDATE: Rivera’s come out with his own statement of support.

Andrew Rice Labor's Love Retained