Maltese on Coccia: New Start for GOP

Now that the new state GOP leadership is in place, the head of the city’s largest Republican County organization in the city, Serph Maltese of Queens is hoping for a period of healing.

“I’m hoping those who have differences with me or the new leadership will join in because we need all the help we can get,” Maltese told me.

He was refering to the selection of Allison Coccia as the party’s executive director over [] Haggerty, the former political director of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, new state chairman Joe Mondello can take “advantage of the experience she has running an urban state.” Also, the new person won’t have ties to any of the local political fights.

“There’s the Pataki wing of the party, a Minarik wing of the party, a Bruno wing of the party, a D’Amato wing,” Maltese said.

“There’s prior tension in the party. Joe was elected unanimously. That’s a good sign that people want us to go ahead. There was criticism by [John] Faso and [John] Spencer that the party was not doing enough. I think there was recognition by everyone that the party did not do enough.”

“We need the help. It’s very obvious. We were unable to take advantage of the comptroller race. Faso and Spencer did not get the statewide assistance they should have gotten.”

— Azi Paybarah Maltese on Coccia: New Start for GOP