Obama's Spiritual Meaning

The hero-worship Barack Obama experienced in New Hampshire followed by the endless references to JFK in the media are, as the Senator said, not about him, they’re about us. And Iraq.

Americans like to think of themselves as idealists. I do. Yet our country has been dragged in the mud for years now by this filthy war that has brought untold suffering to the Iraqis. David Frum can rationalize the war all he wants on television; Americans don’t like to think of themselves as the authors of this type of grisly desperation. Bernard Lewis and Paul Berman and Tom Lantos can talk about Arabs being the new Nazis till doomsday: but Americans want to think of the world in different ways. They’re determined to. Part of the Obama hopefulness is the idea that we would be embracing progress,

This became clear during another emotionally-wrenching event on television yesterday: When Les Roberts of tk spoke fo the suffering in Iraq. He got smuggled into Iraq from Jordan in 2004 by a tough former intelligence officer, in the back of a car, and when they came into Baghdad the man broke into tears over the destruction of families. We have no idea what suffering we have caused for milions of people, said Dennis Kucinich, the leader of the panel. What is needed before anything, said Roberts, is a full accounting of the losses, and an acknowledgement of them, and American “contrition.”

Roberts is going to be waiting for a long long time for such open gestures of contrition. That’s not the American way. Voting for Barack Obama Obama's Spiritual Meaning