Oh, Donald

Trump’s been oh so good about keeping his Soho condo-hotel low-profile. So much so that he refrained from making comments like he did back in June (you know, the opposition-is-totally-wrong type of stuff) and stayed out of the press (he declined comment for a story in The Observer on the project two weeks ago).

What’s Trump up to in Soho?

But then this. And now this: According to preservationist Andrew Berman, Trump had a questionnaire on his Soho condo-hotel Web site asking potential buyers if they would use the project as a “primary residence,” “secondary residence,” or “investment property.” Err, in other words: Not too discreet as to whether this is a real hotel or a pretend hotel (though, we must admit, we didn’t have a chance to click on this while it was still up on the site. It’s no longer there). If it’s a pretend hotel (read: a condo in condo-hotel clothing), then Trump may have trouble building it.

Throwing caution to the wind? Or just a little-too-public slip-up?

Either way, maybe now City Council Speaker Christine Quinn needs to meet with her people again and really try to figure out how to answer Berman’s claims, which are suddenly looking very real.

John Koblin Oh, Donald