On Commenters Having Trouble Posting

A lot of people have had trouble posting comments. I apologize, we’re trying to work out the bugs. If you’re ticked about it, email me and I’ll get it on the blog.

Here is something that Richard Silverstein, whose progressive Jewish blog I recommend (Tikun Olam, http://www.richardsilverstein.com) tried to say about the question of Israel talking to Syria.

Responding to the comment: “Let Israel give up the Golan heights when you, Lester, Gene, and the rest of the Hasrallah/Hamas cheering sections move yourself, wives, children, and pets to the foot of the Golan heights, within artillery range.”

No, how ’bout little Bill you move yr loved ones to Beit Hanun & suffer
under IDF bombardment for a few nights to really whet yr appetite for
those uber-Israel views of yours.

And btw, since you seem too ignorant to know otherwise, those Syrian
Golan artillery batteries have been silent for 40 yrs. If Phil followed yr
orders he & his loved would sleep well in their beds knowing that Syria was
maintaining the peace on the Golan border.

Richard Silverstein

On Commenters Having Trouble Posting