Parsing Silver

Following up on that Post column today suggesting that Sheldon Silver’s support for Alan Hevesi is wavering, I asked Silver’s spokesman Skip Carrier to explain exactly what it would take for the Speaker to jump ship.

Here’s what Carrier told me: “He has said he would await the outcome of the district attorney’s investigation up here and we still have yet to receive the results.”

When I asked Carrier if that meant his boss was merely waiting to see if Hevesi was indicted, or whether he planned to stick with him until he was actually found guilty at a trial, Carrier said that the Speaker will wait to see “what exactly DA Soares concludes.”

But not what a jury concludes?

“This is a grand jury process involved with this,” Carrier said.

So does this mean the Speaker won’t support the comptroller if he’s indicted?

“He hasn’t speculated what he’ll do,” said Carrier of his boss. “He’s only said he’s awaiting the results of the DA’s investigation. He will make his statement based on the results, after he’s seen the results.”

— Azi Paybarah

Parsing Silver