“We were all a little bit stunned,” Bronx Senator Jose Serrano told me, reacting to the latest indictment of colleague, Efrain Gonzalez, Jr. “We didn’t assume it was him because he had previously been indicted.”

On whether it’ll somehow weaken legislators’ efforts to vote for a pay increase or add pressure to pass some of the legislative reforms Eliot Spitzer has been discussing, Serrano said, “I don’t know if it plays into that. I don’t know if what he’s going through is new news. He’s been having some ongoing problem. I doubt that would be enough to change the atmosphere because it’s been news for a while.”

He added, “It’s sad. You don’t like to hear these sort of things and you feel bad for everyone involved. It’s important we wait to see how this plays out before we rush to any judgment.”

— Azi Paybarah Reaction