Report: Beloved Fly-Killer's Diner Done–For Real This Time?


The blogosphere is at it again, resurrecting its favorite rumored restaurant shuttering.

According to Gridskipper–and also relayed via Eater and Curbed–eclectic West Village diner Shopsin’s is leaving 54 Carmine Street.


Apparently, the iconic eatery is now moving to Essex Street Market on the Lower East Side.

Of course, earlier reports had owner Kenny Shopsin & family heading to Brooklyn, which the clan later refuted: “We’re definitely not moving to Brooklyn,” Kenny’s son, Zack Shopsin, told The Observer back in September.

While the foodie fam has yet to specifically dismiss this latest tipster report, media-shy papa Shopsin did fire-off an angry reply to what he called “shallow journalistic fabrication.”

Will Shopsin’s re-open for business as usual on Wednesday?

Will Netflix ever send this reporter his requested copy of the 2004 Shopsin’s documentary, I Like Killing Flies?

Stay tuned.

– Chris Shott

Report: Beloved Fly-Killer's Diner Done–For Real This Time?