Role of the Media


So I was on a panel this morning at Baruch College to discuss the media and how it affects politics. (Pictured above are my esteemed co-panelists.)

In a brave attempt at real-time experimentation, Baruch launched a blog called, you guessed it,, where I started a thread about the Alan Hevesi debate on NY1, and got thoroughly chewed out by a lady in the audience five seconds after my first post.

One of the more interesting moments from the discussion itself was when moderator Peter Vallone Sr. essentially pointed out how simple we media folk can be, taking us to task for ignoring complex stories in favor is easy-to-cover controversies.

Vallone recalled that his attempt to overhaul the city’s complex municipal codes was ignored by the press until he pointed out to a disinterested reporter that his change would eliminate a legal loophile that prevented the police from closing brothels in single-family homes.

“I was a media person because I took one word out of something they could sell,” he said.

Which makes sense, I guess.

As veteran radio man Stan Brooks of 1010 WINS said, “You look for the question that will make the headline.”

The whole discussion, for those interested, will be broadcast next week on CUNY TV.

— Azi Paybarah
Role of the Media