Rumsfeld Story

With the Senate and House under Democratic control, and the defense department in new hands, some members of Congress are apparently now comfortable enough to tell their scariest Donald Rumsfeld stories.

Here’s one from Jerry Nadler:

“During the one month official war with Iraq, you know, before Mission Accomplished, when the tanks were rolling across the dessert, we had a secret briefing with Rumsfeld. And I went to him at the end of the briefing and I said to him privately, ‘Mr. Secretary, what is our policy to keep Iran from getting atomic weapons?’ And he looked at me, because I was not concerned about Iraq, he looked at me and he said, ‘The Iranian regime is very unpopular, there is lot of opposition internally, it may be unstable. We hope the regime will be overthrown before they get nuclear weapons.’ I said ‘Well I hope so too, but what is our policy?’ And he turned and walked away.”

–Jason Horowitz Rumsfeld Story