Siberia: Is the End Near? Not on the Net!

Tonight might be Siberia’s last night on 40th Street–it’s still open, people!–but the reporters’ no-man’s-land has already found a new home on the World Wide Web.

Last night The Transom stopped by to raise a glass and give a bear hug to Tracy Westmoreland, the grizzly barman with a big heart, only find him huddling over a laptop.

“We’re building the first step of what Siberia is online,” said his computer wiz sidekick, Aaron Welch. He owns Advomatic, which builds political Web sites and blogs, he said, for the likes of John Edwards, Wesley Clark and Hillary Clinton. “The sort of essence of what Siberia means,” he said.

Mr. Welch had been introduced to Siberia for the first time an hour earlier. He had got to talking with Mr. Westmoreland. Mr. Welch never leaves home without his trusty Mac. Mr. Westmoreland had an idea and immediately put him to work.

“I feel like I’m getting jerked off like an 800 pound guerilla,” said Mr. Westmoreland. That meant he was excited.

The computer whiz, too, sensed something big happening. “God himself reached down out of the heavens and guided me and several of my officers into Siberia tonight,” said Mr. Welch.

The result, up and running by night’s end, was, and it, at least, is here to stay.
–Spencer Morgan Siberia: Is the End Near? Not on the Net!