Siberia: Still Open (Today! And Tomorrow!)

Around noon, the Transom received word from an unusually lucid–that is to say, awake!–Tracy Westmoreland. His beloved bar Siberia is not yet dead.

“My demise has been greatly exaggerated,” quoted the barman. “We are still open. We will be open tomorrow.”

Tomorrow, yes. But. Mr. Westmoreland confirmed that the situation between tenant and landlord–blogged yesterday by Transom drinking pal Ben Smith–is dire. “I have a landlord who uses four separate names and has five signatures,” he said. “The fight is ongoing.”

Mr. Westmoreland said he’s calling on friends high (Jim McManus, Hillary Clinton) and low (the list is endless) for support.

“I want all the people who’ve been rockin’ it with us for the last 10 years to come down this week,” he said. “Come help in the fight against the evil landlord and help Siberia stay alive.”
— Spencer Morgan

Siberia: Still Open (Today! And Tomorrow!)