Special Election Legacy

Here’s an interesting footnote to the Nassau County state Senate seat that Republican Michael Balboni is giving up for a job in the Spitzer administration:

Balboni, and one of his Republican predecessors, Michael Tully, both won the seat in special elections held on Election Day. (The years were 1997 and 1982, respectively, according to living encyclopedia Jerry Skurnik and state Board of Elections spokesman Lee Daghlian. After Tully but before Balboni the seat was held by Republican John Camera.) So in that respect, history seems to be on the GOP’s side. [updated]

Then again, the current voter registration in the district favors Democrats according to figures here and here.

So far, officials from both parties still sound very much as if they’re still coming to grips with the impending vacancy.

Senate minority leader Malcolm Smith said on Fred Dicker’s show today the he learned of Balboni’s appointment after the press conference yesterday, and released a mild statement saying that the move “presents the senate Democratic Conference with an opportunity to increase its numbers.”

— Azi Paybarah Special Election Legacy