Spitzer Staffs Up

Eliot Spitzer just announced the first round of transition hires. They are, not surprisingly, drawn heavily from the inner circle of advisors who steered him on his path to the governor’s mansion.

* Rich Baum-Secretary to the Governor (former chief of staff in AG office)

* Paul Francis-Budget Director (former campaign policy director)

* David Nocenti-Counsel (former counsel in AG office)

* Francine James-Appointments Secretary (former Assistant 1st Deputy AG)

* Darren Dopp-Communications Director (former Communications Director in AG office)

* Christine Anderson-press secretary (campaign press secretary)

Included in the announcement is a link to Spitzer’s new inauguration website which he says will offer “full details” about the upcoming festivities, which Team Spitzer notes will be “the first outdoor inauguration in New York’s history.”

A new day indeed.

— Azi Paybarah
Spitzer Staffs Up