Staten Island's Special Election

The race to fill the Staten Island City Council seat being vacated by Andrew Lanza, who is going to the state Senate, is shrinking before it really grows.

Independence Party activist Frank Morano announced he will not be a candidate in next year’s special election for that seat, saying the ongoing court battle over control of the IP is taking up too much time.

In an email sent to supporters, Morano said, “First, I’m currently in the midst of a complicated court battle for the heart and soul of the Independence Party of Staten Island. If I were to run for any office at this point, it would be a distraction that could potentially lead to our borough’s best hope for long-term political reform in the hands of divisive, controversial extremists who would undo the great work that so many of us have done.”

He went on to endorse “Assemblyman Vincent Ignizio” who Morano called “a dear friend and someone who I trust enormously. ”

“So, while I won’t be a candidate for City Council this year, I’m incredibly excited about the upcoming election where I’ll be campaigning hard for Vincent Ignizio.”

Also running for that seat is Manny Innamorato, who announced his candidacy on Saturday.

Anybody else running for that seat?

— Azi Paybarah

Staten Island's Special Election