Take My Staff, Please

While Andrew Cuomo named four senior members of his administration, he didn’t say specifically how many of the Eliot Spitzer loyalists in lower-level positions are going to wind up being replaced.

When I asked Cuomo how many more jobs in the office need to be filled, he said, “Many of the senior people in Eliot’s office will be moving on to the state side.”

He continued:

“It’s an interesting dynamic. Eliot becomes the governor. He’s been working with the people in the attorney general’s office for eight years. He hired many people in the attorney general’s office over the past eight years. And now, he has the opposite problem. He has to staff about 1,000 positions on the state side. Where does he get those people? Many of those people are in the current attorney general’s office. That creates vacancies for us. That is going to be the main dynamic that is taking place.”

— Azi Paybarah

Take My Staff, Please