The Morning Read: Friday, Dec. 8. 2006*

* Sorry about the late post. More technical issues.

In a WNBC/Marist Poll, 47 percent of people said they would definitely
not vote for Hillary.

That same WNBC/Marist poll, and another from Fox, show Hillary leading
Barack Obama.

The Chicago-Sun carries a column saying it’s time for Obama to run.

Mitt Romney has a stronger hold on the Republican base than John
McCain, says Bloomberg News.

Colleagues said that Alan Hevesi plans to stay in office.

The Times editors say that “Mr. Hevesi should resign instead of expecting to be sworn in for a new term.”

Hevesi has $118,928 in his campaign account.

Eliot Spitzer hasn’t decided whether to invite Hevesi to his inauguration.

WSJ editors weigh in on Spitzer’s prosecutorial reputation in the wake
of his lawsuit against H&R Block, which was dismissed last week. [subscription]

Joe Bruno and nine state Senate colleagues have spent about one-third of the money that house has appropriated for earmarks in the last two years.

A ballistics report on the Sean Bell shooting was delivered to the
Queens District Attorney.

Mike Bloomberg is suing 12 more gun dealers.

New York may not get $2 billion in federal funding for transportation
projects as payback for Chuck Schumer’s campaign work.

And the City’s Campaign Finance Board may increase its support of
long-shot candidates in city races.

— Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: Friday, Dec. 8. 2006*