The Morning Read: Friday, December 22, 2006

Hevesi: toast.

It should be quite a scene this morning.

First phrase of Fred Dicker’s story: “Sealing his political doom…”

A lot of people want his job.

His temporary replacement may be Jack Chartier, Peggy Lipton’s friend.

Times‘ editorial page on Hevesi’s replacement: “This choice should be about credentials, not patronage.” What’s Rohatyn up to?

The Times Union has big scoop on the Joe Bruno story: a source says the Feds are investigating him for mail fraud and money laundering. Fraud is how they got Jack Abramoff.

More Joe Bruno resignation chatter. One possible successor: Nassau County State Sen. Dean Skelos.

Brooklyn State Sen. Martin Golden on Bruno resignation talk: “very premature.”

Welcome ant overlords! Larry Silverstein bashes Pataki, praises Spitzer: “these guys are not political hacks.”

You sure about that?

Bloomberg backs Badillo. Anyone talked to Virgil Goode about this?

New upstate Rep. Kirstin Gillibrand is high on the GOP’s list of vulnerable House freshmen.

Condi Rice says the Iraq War was “worth it.”

Path train riders: How was your commute this morning?

The Devils’ new Newark arena has a nickname: The Rock.

Hillary is covering all the bases.

Andrew Rice The Morning Read: Friday, December 22, 2006