The Morning Read: Thursday, December 21, 2006

Alan Hevesi is going to resign in order to stave off indictment.

The first word of Dicker’s story: “Disgraced.”

Liz Benjamin says he will plead guilty to a criminal charge, not higher than a Class E felony, whatever that is.

The Times, weirdly, seems to have missed the story. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Newsday handicaps the possible successors: Brodsky, DiNapoli and Mulrow.

Shelly Silver will pick the replacement. He will also decide if you get into heaven.

Joe Bruno’s land deal partner is named Featherstonhaugh, “pronounced feather-stun-HAW,” says the Times. You may need to remember that.

Republicans are worried.

Atlantic Yards is approved. Next stop: the courts.

Rudy’s planning a visit to New Hampshire.

John McCain is becoming a “punching bag” for Dems says Chris Cillizza.

Christmas card analysis: out. Thank-you note dissection: in.

The City Council approved the 421a bill.

An elderly part-time employee in Joe Crowley’s constituent service shop got in a car accident after leaving the congressman’s Christmas party. Her friend, a passenger, was killed. The driver was apparently drunk. This story is very sad.

Tom Delay is now blogging. This thing could catch on.

Virginia Republican Virgil Goode has some problems with the Koran.

Turkmenbashi is dead. Don’t feel bad.

Andrew Rice The Morning Read: Thursday, December 21, 2006