The Morning Read: Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tom Delay said Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

One of Hillary’s closest advisers, Patti Doyle, gets profiled.

Bill Clinton’s former economic adviser was named the new head of the Congressional Budget Office.

Former White House National Security Adviser Richard Clarke says Democrats should, among other things, distribute anti-terrorism funding to cities and states based on population size.

In the AG’s report on Alan Hevesi, it says the state comptroller used four state employees as chauffeurs for his wife.

The money to repay the state for the work those four employees must come from Hevesi’s personal funds, not his campaign account.

Of the $150.6 million the state Senate spent on member items, $36.6 million went to projects on Long Island.

George Pataki will let Eliot Spitzer fill some appointments.

Mike Bloomberg warned of rush hour lasting up to 12 hours in 2030 if the city doesn’t plan for massive population growth and improvements to its infrastructure.

And the Times looks at two new state lawmakers.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: Wednesday, December 13, 2006