The Party and Hevesi


After giving his speech to state party leaders at the Sheraton today, Eliot Spitzer was asked by reporters about Alan Hevesi, who was noticeably absent from today’s event.

Spitzer, still the attorney general, reminded reporters that he recused himself from his office’s investigation of Hevesi, and that there were other investigations still underway. Therefore, he said, he wants to “wait and see” what happens.

It wasn’t just reporters who found the Hevesi-avoidance to be odd.

One state committee member I spoke with, Judith McGowan of the 81st Assembly District in the Bronx, said, “It was not appropriate to not mention it at all. There should have been something: ‘We are going through a difficult time with who shall be the comptroller of New York State. What is the rule of the people? We must think about these things. We must take them into consideration.’ But they acted as if it didn’t exist.”

She added, “He shouldn’t be removed. He should pay a fine, he should abjectly apologize. He did a really stupid thing. And it may have been an arrogant action. But does it rise to the level of negating a statewide election?”

I’m sure that and other fun topics will come up at the state Democratic Party’s holiday bash, preparations for which are well underway. (See above.)

— Azi Paybarah

The Party and Hevesi