Update: Bloomberg's Born to Run

So here, for the record, are the complete, unabridged lyrics to the song that “Mike Bloomsteen and the Bullpen Band” of
deputy mayors performed for mayoral staffers at their Gracie Mansion party last

Born to Run

I was born a long, long time ago-and became an Eagle Scout.
And then John Hopkins accepted him which they’re still happy about.
Harvard Grad-then Wall Street pro
Got fired, opened a company, made big dough (oh!)
Two-term Mayor, so serene
Then I read…New York Magazine…
I say “Next stop-Washington!”
‘Cause folks like us…Baby we were Born to Run!

We’ll win, you’ll see-and beat the G.O.P. and Democrats
Unite the country-make more jobs
And banish all trans fat!
Fix the schools-make profits grow
Get the White House painted saffron by Christo (oh!)
I know I said this job I’d keep
But Sheekey said “Don’t be cheap
Only cost you half a bil-ion
‘Cause folks like us…Baby, we were Born to Run!

Now let’s all follow our leader there
And find a treasure trove
We all will get big cabinet jobs
And I can be Karl Rove
I’ll become Supreme Court Judge
I’ll get the Olympics for D.C.
In 14 years with him, I’ll go from Bloomberg L.P….to Bloomberg V.P.!

The City Hall team is so great – that Bullpen is the best
With Leg. Affairs and Research, Correspondence, M.I.S.
Operations, Fiscal, too
Security, the drivers, C.A.U. (Whoo!)
I still wonder what I should do
Called my mother – to get her view
I said, “Please advise your son”
And mother said – “Baby, you were Born to Run!”
Mother said – “Baby, you were Born to Run!”
Mother said – “Baby, you were Born to Run!”

Update: A self-identified conservative Christian from New Jersey called into the mayor’s weekly radio program just now to urge Bloomberg to run for president. The mayor said he was flattered, but added, “The bottom line is I’m going to be mayor for the next three years.”

— Azi Paybarah

Update: Bloomberg's Born to Run