Yvette's Mystery Replacements

There’s been some chatter about who exactly will be running for Yvette Clarke’s City Council seat, now that she’s heading to Congress.

Una Clarke, Yvette’s mother, told me recently that more than 20 candidates had contacted her about running for the seat. I’m still waiting for that list. But more than 20?

No way, said Bob Zuckerman, prominent member of Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, a club that will be hosting a candidate forum on January 31. (Location to be determined.)

“I’ve seen a ton of names too, but there won’t be a ton of candidates,” Zuckerman said, reminding me also that it’s harder to get onto the ballot for a special election than it is during a regular election.

“You have to collect 2,700 signatures in the middle of winter in 12 days,” said Zuckerman. He added, “There’s not going to be eight candidates.”

The candidates I know of so far are:

Jesse Hamilton
Ferdinand Zizi
Zenobia McNally
Dr. Mathieu Eugene

Who else is there?

— Azi Paybarah Yvette's Mystery Replacements