2 Apologies to My Readers

First off, I am informed that I have misquoted Max Singer on when he moved to Israel, that it was not when he was 21. I apologize. I’m taking it out now.

Just as important: I realize I’ve done myself and my readers a disservice by failing to police the blog. I had a too-laissez-faire attitude; but the vile scum that floats up in some comments serves no one and degrades us all. Here’s what I mean specifically by vile scum: obscenity for the point of obscenity, scatological comments, misrepresentations of identity. I will not remove name-calling, viciousness, etc.

I apologize to readers who have had to wade through all that to express their points of view. I am thankful to alot of smart interesting folks for sticking with this site in spite of all that, I will try and do better… 2 Apologies to My Readers