A Message for O’Connell and, Maybe, Spitzer

Here’s a robo call that was made and sponsored by 1199 SEIU and CSEA on behalf of Republican state senate candidate Maureen O’Connell in Nassau [updated].

The caller identifies herself as “Mary Duffy,” a nurse and mother of four in Mineola. It’s a short, pragmatic delivery whose message can be distilled as follows: She’s a mom and a nurse. Vote for her.

But there is also this interesting line:

“As a health care worker, I know how important it is that our state senators understand the need to safeguard our local hospitals and stand up for quality health care. That’s why I’m supporting Maureen O’Connell for state senate.”

Safeguard our local hospitals?

Sounds like a reference to Eliot Spitzer’s plan to squeeze billions of dollars out of the budget from Medicaid and health care costs. I wonder when those robo calls start going out.

— Azi Paybarah A Message for O’Connell and, Maybe, Spitzer