Additional Note on the Spitzer Email

Earlier today, we posted an email that had been sent out as a response to job applicants by the governor’s transition team. The message was remarkable not because of what it said, but because of the fact that a staffer had sent the same email out at once to a long list of applicants without concealing their addresses, unwittingly outing everyone who was looking for a new job.

We deliberately posted the thing without the names. It seemed to us that it would have been a kind of gratuitous re-victimization of a bunch of people who hadn’t done anything wrong. (Other than, perhaps, to seek employment in Albany.) And let’s face it: this wasn’t a massively consequential news story — it was an email blunder.

Most of the feedback we got about the decision to post the rump email was positive, even when our restraint was rendered academic after the names were posted (and later taken down) by some of our esteemed contemporaries elsewhere. But anyway, for those of you who wrote or called to ask about what we were thinking, that’s it. Additional Note on the Spitzer Email