Albany's Hopeful Ethicists

Good government groups are taking advantage of the lull in news on Day 2 to outline the proposals they’d like Eliot Spitzer to include in his state of the state address tomorrow.

The ten proposals, presented at a press conference by Blair Horner of NYPIRG and Rachel Leon of Common Cause, include creating an independent ethics commission, ending “pay to play” and restricting the personal use of campaign contributions.

Unlike the executive orders for state employees Spitzer signed yesterday, these reforms would apply to legislators — and would require their approval.

How would the new governor get that? Precedent would suggest the precise sort of three men in a room-style of compromise building that has characterized Albany lawmaking for years.

Still, Horner said, if that’s what it took to get ethics changes, it wouldn’t be so bad.

The list of ten proposals is after the jump.

— Azi Paybarah

Good Government Groups Recommendations for Spitzer

Create and Independent Ethics Commission.

End pay to play.

Strengthen New York’s gift ban to lawmakers and state employees.

Ban speaking fees for public officials.

Restrict personal use of campaign funds.

Prohibit party officials from immediately lobbying officials.

Improve financial disclosure of lawmakers.

Require ethics training for lobbyists, lawmakers and others.

Audit member items.

Restrict business relationships between lawmakers and those with business before the state.

Albany's Hopeful Ethicists