All Saved Up and Nowhere to Run

A DC reader pointed me towards an interesting fact concerning the fattest campaign accounts among the 435 members of the House of Representatives.

Two of the top three belong to Democrats from Massachusetts — Marty Meehan ($4,894,187) and Edward Markey ($2,369,412). The other belongs to Frank Pallone of New Jersey ($2,412,888).

Out of the ten best-funded members, four are from Massachusetts and two are from New Jersey.

Among other things, the concentration of money-hording members in MA and NJ seems to be a result of the very real back-logs of representatives lining up for nonexistent opportunities to win promotion to the Senate.

In Massachusetts, it’s Ted Kennedy and — now that he’s not running for president — John Kerry who are gumming up the works for the foreseeable future. In New Jersey, where there have been a couple of unexpected vacancies in recent years, Bob Menendez is settling in for what looks to be a long stay and just-turned-83-years-old Frank Lautenberg is planning to run for re-election.

I’m sure the DCCC wouldn’t mind if the members game them some that money. Anyone else have any suggestions for what Meehan, Pallone, Markey and company might do with their inert millions?

— Azi Paybarah All Saved Up and Nowhere to Run