Another Giuliani Accusation

Another one of Rudy Giuliani’s key financial supporters just told me that there is no doubt someone swiped the former mayor’s campaign dossier which turned up on the front page of the Daily News this week.

“Someone took it,” said Terry Neese, a former Bush “Ranger” who is now committed to Giuliani.

“Obviously, you don’t just put a campaign book together and give it to people,” said Neese, a prominent Oklahoma business woman. “It is very unfortunate that we live in a society where people feel they need to steal things to beat people. I think we ought to live in a society where everybody has a chance to run for office but do it with good values. I’m not concerned about what was in the book. And what was in the paper. Look no ones perfect, so those issues don’t concern me at all.”

There have been some theories about how or when the dossier may have been lifted, but Neese refused to speculate who pilfered the playbook.

“Whoever did it, needs to get a life,” she said, dismissing the suggestion that it might simply have been misplaced. “So it was misplaced and then turned over to the media? Yeah right, I mean I’m from Oklahoma but I didn’t fall off a turnip truck.”

–Jason Horowitz Another Giuliani Accusation