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To the Editor: I agree with Steve Kornacki 100 percent [“Note to Obama Skeptics: This Is Not a Fad,” Wise

To the Editor:

I agree with Steve Kornacki 100 percent [“Note to Obama Skeptics: This Is Not a Fad,” Wise Guys, Jan. 22].

What concerns me about Barack Obama is that he won an election as Illinois Senator in what was basically an uncontested campaign. Does he have the toughness and chops to endure the breathtaking political ferocity of the Republicans?

I also believe the “Obama lacks experience” rhetoric thrown around by some Republicans and Democrats masks subtle bigotry. Look at where “experience” has currently gotten us.

I will vote for whoever is the Democratic nominee for President. I’m hoping that the nominee will not be Hillary Clinton. I adore both Clintons; this country is better for their public service, and I thank them for it. Now it’s time to get off the stage.

When I contemplate the last 14 years or so of Bush, Clinton, Bush and now another Clinton, I’m struck by how tiresome and 20th-century it all seems. In short, I’ve got Bush-Clinton fatigue.

Mercedes Swimmer

Keshena, Wis.

To the Editor:

I would have to disagree with the Obama-Reagan analogy. Governing a powerhouse like the state of California for eight years gave Reagan—like him or not—credibility. Two years as a Senator doesn’t even come close. Is Obama a fad? Too soon to tell. In any case, I won’t hold my breath waiting for the mainstream media to bring up the issue of whether Obama has sufficient gravitas.

Brad Lena

Asheville, N.C.

To the Editor:

Does Mr. Kornacki remember when George W. Bush was running in 2000, and how all the mainstream liberal media pounded him for being a lightweight? He had to bring in Mr. Cheney for some “gravitas.” At the time, Mr. Bush had a bachelor’s degree from Yale, a master’s degree from Harvard, had successfully invested in the Texas Rangers and persuaded the voters to back his idea for a new stadium, and then ran for and twice won the office of governor of Texas. None of these are small feats. But remember: He had no gravitas? That is, according to our so-much-smarter-than-the-average-citizen mainstream media. Barack Obama hasn’t got much experience, and he certainly hasn’t accomplished the feats that George Bush had before being elected President.

But Barack Obama is a minority Democrat, and that’s what matters to the lefty mainstream media. It’s just like the way the mainstream media hyped Cindy Sheehan and tried make a national hero-figure out of her. She was really bashing hard on the President, you see, which made her a hero to the mainstream media.

When will the arrogance of the mainstream media end? Such hypocrisy is disgusting, un-American and dangerous!

Mitzi Twaro

Fayetteville, Ark.

Barack On