Boo-Hoo: LoHo Loses

Public relations executive Juda Engelmayer concedes that he has lost his fight against “Wikiminimalists” to keep LoHo (Lower Houston, a.k.a. the Lower East Side) in Wikipedia.

“I tried to appeal, it won’t work,” he writes in an e-mail. The LoHo entry is just a shell of itself, linking to a debate over the debate to delete the entry, in which one of the victors explains:

If the “20 articles” were from reliable sources and documented the name as being in wide use, rather than minor passing mentions and blog postings and one article mentioning this as a neologism, and if anything demonstrated that the term has been influential in anything except naming one agency, then the references would have overruled any number of “delete” votes that didn’t give a valid policy reason.

All right. Everybody back to work!

Matthew Schuerman Boo-Hoo: LoHo Loses