City Hall Staff for O’Connell

Two City Hall staffers have taken a leave from their jobs at the Community Assistance Unit to work on the campaign of Republican Maureen O’Connell in Nassau, according to a City Hall insider.

The staffers helping O’Connell are Fred Kreizman and Matt Gorton. (Kreizman’s cell phone message, when I called, said that he’d be out of the office until February 7, the day after the election.)

Such a loan of Bloomberg personnel is not without recent precedent, especially when the beneficiary is in a position — as Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno clearly is — to exercise discretion over funding for the city. When Bloomberg administration staffers went last year to help Senator Joe Lieberman in his hard-fought primary against Ned Lamont, for example, it may well have been something a “thank you” for past and future help with homeland security money.

As my insider source put it, “The mayor is a results-oriented guy.”

But the last word here goes to mayoral spokesman Stu Loeser, who said in an email that these two staffers are acting on their own. “The Mayor doesn’t send people. If personnel want time off and their supervisors okay it based on the office’s workload, they get it. It’s an administrative decision that has nothing to do with the Mayor’s support of a candidate.”

— Azi Paybarah City Hall Staff for O’Connell