Council Sexual Harassment Quiz

Get your number two pencils ready — it’s sexual harassment training time in the City Council.

A reader passes on this question from the council’s training manual, which is currently making its way around the desks of the overworked and under- appreciated council staffers.

Which of the following employees is least likely to be experiencing bias-related harassment?

A. On Halloween, Shivani’s coworkers show up at work wearing the traditional Pakistani dress that she wears to work every day because they think it will be a hoot.

B. Darnell, a male African-American who works in the Central Office supply room, is frequently called upon to lift heavy boxes, which is part of his job description.

C. Levi’s coworkers take turns bumping into him as he walks by because they think he’s not manly enough and could use some toughening up.

D. Kate, the Chief of Staff and the only woman on a particular Council Member’s staff, is always left to mind the office during outside press conferences. Her boss explains that women too often get hysterical in front of the camera.

The answer is:


— Azi Paybarah Council Sexual Harassment Quiz