D.I.Y. Pollock

Two swell ways to celebrate the birthday of Jackson Pollock, who might have turned 95 this Sunday if he hadn’t died at 44 in a drunk-driving accident:

(1) Buy one of his paintings, just like the Mexican financier who snatched up “No. 5, 1948” for $140 million last November; or (2) visit one of our all-time favorite time-wasting Web sites, jacksonpollock.org, which allows you to mouse around and create your own Abstract Expressionist masterpiece. (Be sure to click to change the color of your “paint.”)

The site was created by an artist named Miltos Manetas, who appropriated an earlier version of this Flash-animation application from a technologist named Michal Migurski, who appropriated his idea from, well, both Pollock and Etch A Sketch.

VISIT the Website to your own masterpiece (please note that the site might not work correctly with certain older Web browsers)

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D.I.Y. Pollock