DA Had Watch List in Meng Race

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown‘s office just released more information about the Jimmy Meng aide charged in the voter fraud case. The 36 people whose voter information was fudged by the aide, Simon Ting, didn’t actually vote. But Ting still faces up to four years in jail.

What’s interesting is that the DA said there was a “watch list” of suspect voters, meaning they had been monitoring this situation since before that 2004 election. So patient these prosecutors.

In a brief conversation yesterday, Ting’s lawyer, John Theodorellis, told me his client pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

From the DA:

District Attorney Brown said that, according to the charges, detectives assigned to his Detective Bureau identified thirty-six voter registration filings made by the defendant between May 28, 2004, and August 20, 2004, which indicated that the individuals registering to vote resided within the 22nd Assembly District. In fact, according to the complaint, the individuals either did not live within the district or only worked there. In many cases, the forms allegedly had the original address or phone number whited-out or had been filled out in the defendant’s own handwriting. The inserted addresses noted on the forms included 137-27 Geranium Avenue – the defendant’s home address at the time – and 135-29 Roosevelt Avenue – the site of Chung Hwa Books, which is owned by Assemblyman Meng. Both addresses allegedly allowed the defendant the opportunity to receive any mailings on their behalf. In most cases, it is alleged, the individuals had signed the registration forms after attending a banquet for a primary candidate or after being approached on the street.

The District Attorney noted that all 36 registrations were placed on a watch list before the primary election and that none of the people voted or attempted to vote and that the registrations were subsequently cancelled by the Board of Elections. The investigation did not uncover any evidence that anyone other than the defendant participated in the scheme.

— Azi Paybarah DA Had Watch List in Meng Race