Duplex at 163 Charles Street = $5,999,000


Boasting a wine cellar, four bedrooms, 4,000 square feet, and “zen defined” style, the third/fourth-floor duplex at 163 Charles Street has sold for nearly $6 million.

But the big money came only after big conflict. The very big, very glassy new townhouse condo had a formidable enemy in photographer Jan Staller, who lived nextdoor at 161 Charles. He spent a pretty penny trying to stave off construction at 163, as described by Michael Calderone in Manhattan Transfers.)

A big email announcing the sale is below. Mr. Staller probably isn’t as thrilled as the duplex’s listing broker, jolly Darren Sukenik.

Max Abelson

Duplex at 163 Charles Street = $5,999,000